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living your life

Thank you a hundred times over AntiHero for your quite "heroic" efforts here. In a word, your report is "wonderful." (wander-ful) You are a maverick, an intellectual cowboy on an exotic, foreign, metallic horse (thoroughbred). Sorry, but there is nothing "anti-hero" about you. You are just one of so few straight-out freaking post-modern heroes! (Deal with that.) On top of that you have serious writing talents. So often your words hit resounding emotional chords.
I kinda cringe a little bit at all the shots people take at those souls that choose to stay at home, raise families, or whatever their reasons may be for not rambling--that's their business regarding what they do or don't do or where they go or don't go. Do what you will with your life--after all, you're in charge. (at least for us who are fortunate enough to have been beneficiaries of those that have sacrificed everything for our freedom) Those of us that have the wanderlust, we roll on (and on, and on....) But that bug doesn't infect everyone. Hell, Immanuel Kant never left his hometown. (Although, in all fairness, if he had an Italian fire-breathing refined beast at his disposal it might have been a different story.) Thing is--some of us are sessile and some of us are tumbleweeds. Roll on dude! -dayll
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