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This track is mine, and would be a ripper on 450's. BTW, some of the access has changed, so keep a lookout in some spots. As you come up to the burnt tractor tires some fences have gone up in the last little bit. Watch out. Rest should be GTG. Stop at the little shack with the mobile outside. Popular spot for other bikers that live in the hood. Saturday's you may have convo. Sunday's it'll be packed.

register at that site if you haven't, there's a few other tracks that way. keep you busy for a while.

Street legal in CA... I have a plate with no blinkers and LED headlights. No problem for me, but I go the speed limit (on the XR anyway) and don't draw attention. You should be fine. YMMV.

I have family in TJ, where I just moved from after 8 years there, going back in the next few weeks to pickup the rest of my stuff. If you need anything give me a shout. Emergency extract or what have you.

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