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I bet they would sell a boat load, many boat loads of drz400's with your upgrades.
They just do not get it, and if people think someone smart is running the company, the drz 400 will prove otherwise.

Originally Posted by Gundy View Post
Count me as one who is sitting out the dual sport market until this mid sized DS comes along. Ive had amodified DRZ, modded WRR, klr685 etc,, and they all seem to just miss the sweet spot. The heavily modded WR was probably the closest to perfect, but needed just a liiitle bit more grunt....another 100cc would be ideal. By the time it was modded for power, it was too dang loud since the rpms had to be kept high. The current 350 offerings are all of the engine rebuild variety......whhhyyyyy?!

WR 3xx or 4xx or maybe suzuki could just make the DRZ FI and six speed....they are so close it hurts on that bike. Would it really be so hard to change a couple gear ratios and slap a throttle body in there, and fix that can chain tensioner while they are at it? Not asking too much IMO. in the meantime I'm doing the american bigger is better thing on my S10, which fits most of my riding pretty well. I am sure the corporate guys at the big 4 all are looking at the pressure put on riding areas and shaking their heads....why put more R&D into this type of bike when there is nowhere to ride?

And, while they are at it, spring the dang thing for a rider over 150 lbs. DS riders don't seem to miss many meals.....200 lbs should be the standard and al the lightweights can put softer springs in.
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