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Originally Posted by Harsany View Post
I considered buying an out of state plated bike but Oregon has started cracking down on those recently
Is this first hand experience? I ask because there is a ton of hearsay on this topic.

I sold my 2006 300 XC-W 2-stroke last September. It had an OR plate (originally from WA) that I applied for at the DMV. It was coming up for renewal. I'd heard nothing from the state prior to sale. The new buyer (Oregon resident) had no issues transferring the title and still has the plate.

There were issues a few years ago over plated XR650s. At that time I personally called the state and worked my way upto the head compliance officer at the DMV who told me that I couldn't plate my own but they would honor a plated bike from out of state.

Maybe something has changed recently but I'd make sure you're operating on solid information.

The bike has ~6000 miles on it. I'm guessing that the new valves were stock KTM. The seller is the original owner.
6000 miles, 300 hours, 20mph. The lower the mph, the higher the percentage of single track. The stock KTM valves wear. I'm about due for replacement on my 07 (240 hours). If I replace with KTM ones, i'll probably be doing it again in another 2x0 hours. If I use KW stainless, I probably won't ever need to replace them for a very long time. Something to keep in mind.

Good deals are out there, you just need patience. Below $4000 prices tend to collapse into each other, so you'll get good deals on 07s and poor deals on 04s all within a few hundred dollars of each other.

You also need to be able to move fast for a good deal. Like take 1/2 day off work at zero notice, go to bank, arrive with cash. If you can't do that, try posting a Wanted ad in the Pac NW Flea Market thread (and if you're willing to drive, the main Flea Market). Inmates here are pretty honest folks in my experience. I think you can do better.

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