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Air Box; Phase 1

How hard can it be to build an airbox? Funny you should ask!

Armed with tons of ideas, lots of tin, measuring devices, and an assortment of tools, we set out to build an airbox and fully intended to have it completed today. Yeah right!

First step, lots of measuring and layout;

Drilling holes to accomodate choke and crankcase breathers;

Milling intake air tube holes. We started out with a traditional cutting tool, but it was extremely slow on this tiny machine, so we ran to town and picked up the best 1 7/8" hole saw we could find. Our intention was to cut out the centers and then finish mill the holes. Turned out to be a good strategy.

After holes drilled and milled, ready for the next step. Air tubes are a very precise fit.

Making sure the holes actually lined up as designed. They did.

The original layout for cuttting and bending the air box forward bulkhead was mostly obliterated by the drilling and milling process, so Luke laid it out again. As the day wore on, the design became simpler.

Using a cut-off wheel to trim the bulkhead prior to bending the flanges.

Initial bending on the Harbor Freight "brake", this little machine got the job done, but it was almost as flimsy as the material we were trying to bend.

Final stages, we had this piece in and out of the brake many, many times!

Airbox bulkhead with air tubes slip-fit into place.

Test fit, looking good!

At this point we were going to start the brazing proceess, but after a long day, I was out of steam. Still we felt really good about our progress. Another good day in the shop!
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