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Possible break down.

Well, time to head back to the dealership, I think.

Not sure what happened. It was 18 degrees out, I started my CRF, allowed adequate warm up time, shut 'er down, checked oil level and chain slack, and hit the road. Rode 12 miles to my friends house, parked, hung out for about 3-4 hours. Went back out to start it up- around 15 degrees now. All lights are on, bike makes the usual noises, turns over, coughs a little smoke (no more than expected with the weather it seems...?) but wont start. I let the starter turn for a total of 15-20 seconds give or take....

Checked the oil, nada. If I lean it about 20 degrees to the right, a little bit shows up in the window. I have 572 miles, and was taking it in for the valve check tomorrow, with plans of doing all the other 600 mile checkups on my own.

Any ideas? I never checked my oil it normal to not show up in the window?
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