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::::BIAS ALERT:::: I own a 2007 Buell Ulysses, but have ridden the 1150r and some of the other BMW products mainly 80's K bikes. I will do my best to be objective!

I am 6'1'' and have no problems getting and staying comfortable on the Mule, even after doing long hours in all sorts of conditions. I have not had any issues sourcing parts, and have often found them quite cheap. Maintenance/repairs have all been done by me so far and I am very early into my wrenching career. As far as I can tell there aren't many parts on the Uly that weren't utilized throughout the entire XB range.

Keeping in mind what you are looking to do (fishing trips and some jaunts around town and two up) I think you couldn't go wrong with the Buell. Plenty of room for luggage and the torque is excellent for getting from point to point extra legally! The turning radius can be a bit crude on the 07 and earlier years. I think the bike handles dirt very well for having 90/10 tires, and I have never had to turn back after getting into some rough stuff. If I wear buying again, I would push for an 08 as I think there were some important changes made, including the steering lock.

Good Luck!
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