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Thanks for the help guys. I was pretty sure I would get this bike, but maybe I should wait and look fror a better deal.

Crazybrit - re: bringing a WA plated bike to oregn - there was a thread here in the last couple weeks where someone had a plate revoked on an 05 exc he tried to bring over from WA. He said that Oregon recently started scrutinizing WA plated bikes more because of the the new law making it possible to plate dirt bikes in WA. I believe bikes already plated in Oregon will not have this issue.

Overall, my thinking on this bike is that 1.) It is street legal from the factory - no worries about keeping the plate. 2.) most of the wear items have been recently replaced so I should *in theory* be good for another 200 hours before it needs any major work (is this correct??). 3.) Price seems to be in line with other bikes I have seen recently for sale (I have only been looking at KTMs for 6 weeks or so - my friend talked me out of considering DRZ400s ).
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