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Well kids and junkies I think it is time to review the key lessons that were learned from this year's Dakar.

* Those that are headbandophobic are latent headbandual.

* When Luis B. walks it sounds like someone is clacking two billiard balls in a Crown Royal bag.

* The US still has the great missing the frontal lobe function hope in Casselli.

* If Despres is there, Coma needs to be there so the alien battle can be appreciated.

* The French are your natural superiors for another year for winning and creating this race. If you don't have french heritage sale your bike cheap to someone who can really do something with it.

Anyway, all of you need to find your way to the Dakardone clinic to help alleviate your event addiction.

Great job again f5ers and all of the other cliff notes threads.

PM great job again on the interviews and I'll be happy to see you all next year.
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