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Day five: 1-20-13
We woke up this morning around seven to Roberts father bringing in fresh hot coffee from a doughnut shop down the street. After collecting ourselves from the previous night out, we went to a local place for breakfast. Then Robert drove us all around east LA to random stores so we could wrap up a few loose ends. We stopped by REI to get a new MSR bottle for our camp stove. Someone told Andrew that the primus bottles would work but after our first attempt at use, it leaked white gas all over the picnic table. (this is why I had to make the beer can venturi stove) And everywhere we have stopped in the last few days were out of the MSR bottles. Then we went to cycle quest for a few other last minute goodies. I bought a new pair of warm weather riding pants, fully armored, that double as jeans. Then we headed back to Roberts house to change our chains and sprockets.

Robert helping us change the sprockets

All of us working on the bikes

This made me very happy because I had been lugging them around for a few hundred miles. Dropped like 20 pounds…sweet. Then I found a bunch of other shit to drop. “Don’t NEED this, Don’t NEED that.” Much better! We then went out for a last late lunch and said our goodbyes to Robert, who once again bought our lunch! We owe Robert BIG! Thanks again buddy. Then back onto the LA freeway. This is where we broke our second rule, no riding after dark. We aren’t doing to good with these rules. We haven’t even left the states and have broken our main two. No going to jail in mexico is the third rule so lets hope right… it was a windy, dark, and nervous ride 80 miles down to San Diego where we are staying at Andrews aunts house. Gotta wake up early tomorrow for that border crossing and our first day in MEXICO!

Day six: 1-21-13
Got on the road today early. Passed the border with no problems… until we got fifty miles down the road and realized that we hadn’t got our passport stamps, no insurance, and no temporary vehicle import permit. By the time we got as far as Ensenada we realized we had fucked up. Somehow we managed to turn down the right road right off to the customs office where they stamped our passports in a few short hours… then off to find insurance. This was not so easy. Everyone in Ensenada knew exactly where to get insurance. “Two blocks this way and down one.” “Three blocks that way and down four.” One lady told me to go to the 7-11 and assured me they had insurance. We finally got a room at a hotel and just manned up and bought it online. Kind of a little blow to our egos but whatever. Now I’m pretty sure the motel we are at doubles as a whore house. They have signs for massages and it seems nobody stays here for more than an hour. So we got a bottle of jack daniels, a couple tacos pescados, and a few beers from a market that was open, but the gates shut…? We figured it would be better if we pulled our bikes into the room when no one was looking.

So a short ride today but off to San Felipe tomorrow and then some good off road desert riding. I promise some good pics and maybe a video or two.

80 cent tacos, some whiskey, and a beer.
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