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Gotta throw a couple small thoughts out there...

I have sold race gas to road racers (SCCA) for quite a few years, and have had the privilege of getting to hang out with chemists from various fuel companies.. couple things they told me.

1. Gas is IR/UV sensitive.. You can prove it for yourself, put a half cup in a jar in the sun for a hour.. Especially race, it will start to precipitate the additive package out of the fuel. It does not hurt as long as the fuel is used right away, and kept agitated.. Wondering if anybody with the clear tanks has noticed any issues? Becasue I've seen race gas go bad in a day in the white moto cans.

2. Racequipe now says to NEVER leave fuel in a fuel cell, they can't find a material that resists the combination of the ethanol AND the octane package sin the newer gasolines and pump gas is the worst offender of breaking down the fuel cell bladder seams (They are made and glued together in sections...)

3. Mixing pump gas and race gas is a bad thing. The additive packages are generally NOT compatible, street gas is formulated to reduce evaporation, race gas is designed to evaporate fast. in most cases the octane contributors in race fuel and street fuel are not additive, they are subtractive. So mix 92 street with 104 race and you could get 89... The formulas in street fuel change constantly (IE weekly) because they buy the cheapest chemical available on a commodity market and is blended at the distributor by the truck driver... Race fuel is refined to a higher base octane and the package is blended at the refinery by chemists to get quality control, and usually only changes slightly throughout the year.

Well cheers. Hope my ramblings are useful....

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