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Sounds like you had a great adventure & yes I am sorry I didn't catch up with you & see how many quirks Basil & Schmidt share.

I didn't end up going as I began watching the weather forecasts from about a week out. It looked like it was going to be dodgy on Friday,showers clearing on Sat & fine but cold on Sunday when I made the call not to go.
I have to admit I am a big pussy when it comes to cold wet weather - well biologically my body doesn't handle it that well. I did it last year & the warmest I felt during the whole weekend was when I had to do a bit of manhandling thru the snow. I can't honestly say I enjoyed the weekend as much as I thought I would and after riding out from the bach last Tuesday thru the heavy rain & cooler temp I was close to getting hypothermic, my body was rigid which affected my riding & my ring finger stayed white & numb for a bout 4 hours.

OK not meant to be a sob story but that's how it is with my body & cooler weather. Judging from the pics I've seen the weather was excellent for you all which is great. I spent my weekend squashing one of my knackers against the seat on Nordie & my trip over the Maunga on Sat then helping it swell during my long riding day over to Farewell Spit on the Sunday.

I will go down at some stage & do a few parts as well as try to get to the Nevis as it is sposed to be quite cool.

What is happening with your clutch ?
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