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Hi, I'll certainly drop your name next time Im out that way. They are good blokes indeed. Hmm cant recall your bike but Im always looking
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Hi Andy,,,say HI to Chris for me...great guy and took care of my G/S when I stored it at his shop a long time ago. Any chance you've seen a white G/S, Harrison brake, panniers that used to belong to a yank a while back ;-).

I've got 2 hubs at a shop in the US midwest who will grind the surface smooth and "spray" a metal coating layer by layer to build up the surface back to stock. Then the brake shoes and surface will be cut to fit. Expensive but a lot less than a new wheel or hub.

The other short term option would be to have the ridge ground down to the current level and have a GOOD brake shop custom fit a softer, thicker brake lining to the shoe to take up the gap. Standard procedure for the bigger brake shops.
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