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Originally Posted by rotarygirder View Post
2011 ABS. I also changed the plastic radiator guard out for an alumunim one that has straight-through holes drilled in it, but since I did that (and the 2nd fan) at the end of summer I don't have a good feel for how they will perform in the middle of this summer. That guard snapped one of its mounts off in the accident but it's still in held in place by the other 3 so I'm using it like a cheapskate.

Also the stock skidplate is cheap but I've beat it pretty hard and not even broken the plastic pieces. All the screws still line up for me so far, so I'm stickin' with it.
You helped me remember to order a radiator guard last night; maybe I'll get some better airflow.

I can't believe you haven't changed the skid plate!!! I've broken my aftermarket one trying to bend it back in place to fit the bike from beating it up so badly; no telling what kind of chopped suey I woulda made of the stock one! You are a brave man!
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