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XB12X and R1150R are both fine bikes. But they're very different.
(I own an '09 XB12X and previously owned an R1150GS).

Either will fit a 6+ footer comfortably. Either should be reasonably reliable as known "issues" are well documented. Belt and wheel bearing issues on the Buell are completely avoidable with a minor mod to the belt tensioner that can be done in about 15 minutes. Don't know of any way to avoid the driveshaft and final drive issues that will eventually befall the BMW.

Personally, I prefer the Buell.

1. Suspension Quality is altogether in another league.

2. Handling Quality and steering precision is likewise on another level.

3. Motor is more entertaining.

4. Weight is much lower (100lbs lower, which improves handling, braking, throttle response, ride quality etc.)

5. Comfort and ergonomics are as good or finer than the BMW. Passenger accomodations with stock backrest are superior to the BMW. Stock Buell seat works extremely well as is. You'll need a Corbin or Seargent to travel on the BMW.

6. Superior Fuel efficiency. 25-35% better.

7. Fewer maintenance requirements and lower maintenance costs.

8. Lower Parts costs.

9. Parts availability is a non-issue in this day and age of on-line suppliers.

10. Buell/Hepco-Becker luggage is as good or better than BMW's.

11. 17" Wheels front and rear provide a wider variety of quality tire options.

12. Gravel and loose surfaced roads are handled with aplomb by the finely suspended and well balanced Buell. (works waaaay better than you'd imagine with the street biased tires - chalk it up to excellent suspension action and Buell's clever chassis obsessions).

I could go on, but you get the idea. If you're a rider, I think you'd prefer the Buell.

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