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Originally Posted by RuggedExposure View Post
Its possible, I'll check that. But the bike only has about 4k miles on it. Could the slide cause it to run stupid rich?

I'll try running it without the cap to see.

Someone else mentioned on here, and talking to Bullittman281 over the phone, I may have one of those tiny air passages (fuel filter side of the carb) clogged up. Tomorrow morning I'll run some torch tip cleaners through there to see if any sand or anything comes out.

Friday I'll be going back to town to run errands and I'll pick up the old tank (its at my shop) and install that back on the bike.

The Acerbis tank is getting sold though. $200 o.b.o.
I'm not so sure the pumper is toast. When I decided to replace my old pumper, the symptom that was most annoying me was the inability to return to idle, especially when warm. It still ran pretty good throughout the throttle range, but it would "hang" at high idle. As soon as I fit a new pumper (same jetting), all was right with the world and I also enjoyed a small improvement throughout the throttle range that I had not even noticed before. From the video I viewed, the symptom's with RuggedExposure's DR350 are not similar to my symptoms.

A worn slide will allow more air in, causing a lean condition, and thereby raising the revs. A worn slide should not, in and of itself, generate a rich condition (at least I am not seeing how that could happen).

RuggedExposure, I completely understand your frustration, as mechanical bits have gotten the best of me many times over the years. As others have said, I too believe the problem is very simple. I would encourage you not to give up and not to use the DR for target practice.

I was at a Guzzi rally a number of years ago and a guy had a beautiful Eldorado with a custom paint job. Stunning, really, and I don't say that very often about custom paint jobs on the Eldorados (most leave me with a bland taste in my mouth). The Eldorado would not run correctly. A few of us fiddled with it some (at lot of loose ground wires, etc) and it ran better. But, the owner was frustrated and traded it straight up for a Moto Guzzi SP1000. The SP1000 is a fine machine, but this example was not the equal of the Eldorado (not by a long shot in my opinion). Once home, the new owner of the Eldorado replaced a $3 condensor and the Eldorado ran beautifully.

For those who don't know, last year I swapped the nearly new pumper carb on my DR350 for a CV carb. My goal was to obtain additional range with my Clark tank without a need to carry additional fuel. I met that goal and remain very satisfied with the performance of my CV carb. Shortly before leaving for a dual sport rally in Nevada, I had fiddled with the CV carb for some reason or the other and I was certain it was reassembled properly. But, it wouldn't run properly. It took *forever* to warm up and then it would cut out horribly starting at mid throttle. I was convinced it was fuel mixture screw or a need for different jetting or some such other problem (CDI, coil, etc). I thought I had it fixed and was all packed up and leaving when the problem reared it's ugly head not a 1/2 mile down the road. It wouldn't pull 50 MPH. Frustrated, disgusted, wasting hours dealing with this on a vacation day, not fun. I replaced the CDI and tested - no change. I replaced the coil and tested - no change. I replaced the spark plug and tested - no change. I replaced the voltage regulator and tested - no change. Finally, I tossed on the pumper carb and the problem was immediately gone. I didn't take the time to investigate the CV then and there (I was off to Nevada), but I later discovered I had failed to seat the rubber diaphragm properly on the top of the CV carb. I had a HUGE air leak and the slide simply wasn't raising to permit more fuel/air into the engine. A simple problem caused by yours truly that took me many hours to sort out.

Here is a thought on something to check - are you certain that the choke (an enricher, really) is sealing when it is closed? You might take a look at that just to see. It could be that it is continuing to dump fuel into the circuit even when it is physically closed. If memory serves, there is an o-ring to seal the enricher to the body of the carburetor, and then a rubber seal on the front of the "piston" that closes the passageway??? Sorry, I'm a bit hazy on those details. Anyway, that is something to check.

Don't give up! Hope this helps :>


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