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Jordi Viladoms wrap up of his 2013 race:

"I'm home! The trip ended a little earlier than expected, sooner than I would have liked, but with my Dakar dose and high spirits.

It is inevitable to review all that has happened, the head spins on everything that's happened ... And also review has been inevitable as were the ratings before they started having mechanical problems, and again I say the same thing: the approach of the race was right and we were on the right track. When I finished the first special stage 7, ie half of the race, was 4 th overall and less than 4 minutes from Cyril Depres, who was the pilot who had to score close. My arms have always been the regularity and consistency and I think this could work well in Dakar, though not as showy as winning stages. Another point with which I stay is that I did not fall even once in the 10-stage race that I kept. Of course, always in the Dakar anything can happen and it does not make the story of the old ... are just data that give me moral and tell me that I have to continue in this line in future editions.

I feel very fortunate to have been involved again in Dakar, fight to be in the top positions and strange though it may sound a memory I have very good all lived in step 7, when I had all these problems! We can not forget that what we like is to overcome challenges and to me it was one of the most difficult to face and overcome. As he was fixing my adrenaline was going up, this is the only explanation of how I could go physically enduring all, why put up with the cold easily and why I could not sleep when it was three in the morning at the bivouac Salta!

Inevitably, after breaking my bike engine in step 10 is definitely ended and began my journey back home. When I arrived in La Rioja it was too late and I could only limit to take a shower, have dinner and go to sleep because at 5 in the morning had to leave the car with assistance to the next bivouac in Fiambala, I escape would take a step back from mountain range to nearly 5000 meters! This is especially hard, and could not help seeing the "motards" as they were warm, and I was telling mechanics how hard it is, with the accumulated fatigue, cold, lack of oxygen ... All resulting in a terrible dream! I could not help but worry when saw some pilot embarrassed ... To the extent we saw that one of them was stopping too often and decided to stop to see what was wrong. She wore cool clothes and the boy (20 years ...) it was freezing, her lips and fingers blue! I put a Buff of mine, the team physio put on latex gloves, cover it with plastic bags and after trying him warm and breathe some oxygen out again ... Even had to assist once again but this kid, because I recognized the opening of Dakar had a parliament, being the youngest participant, made it to the start of the special! I do not know who has this race but clearly shows the spirit of excellence in all of us and makes us cross all limits ... Incredible!

Once I arrived in Copiapů itself can organize my flight back to Santiago, then to Madrid and then Barcelona, ​​where at the airport a few friends and family welcomed me. Although things did not go well and would not even notice that much time at the airport because I had to go to TV3 and TVE whistling, were there giving me a warm welcome to thank you very much!

And now, from the dining room of my house, I take leave of adventure DAKAR 2013. Thank you very much to all who have supported and encouraged me, and I promise we'll have more opportunities to live beautiful moments, whether successful or have more little adventures and challenges ahead which is what we like! ;)

A big hug! "

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