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A few months ago I purchased a 2004 for $2000 8600 miles, pretty much stock except bars and case savers.

Originally Posted by bmwpowere36m3 View Post
Can you guys give me opinion on a couple of DRZ400S I'm interested in buying (New England area). Both DRZs were fairly stock.

2000 DRZ 8k miles asking $2750
  • Yosh Muffler
  • Owner says PO jetted the bike
  • Skid Plate
  • Engine Side Cover Protection
  • Bark Busters

Bike appeared taken care of, though was a little dirty. Bike was cold when I arrived and hadn't been ridden in a couple months. It started up after a few tries. On the ride the bike sputtered and stumbled a lot at low RPMs and 1/4 to 1/2 throttle opening (choke didn't improve it much). At higher rpm it pulled strong and cleared up. Owner said that the bike really needs to warm up, I rode it, he rode and then I rode it again (total of maybe 20 min). It was better on my last ride, but still very noticeable. The Yoshimura muffler only had the spark arrestor... holy hell was it loud and popping on decel was tremendous

2002 DRZ 8k miles asking $3200 (said paid $2700 a couple of years ago for it, minus the muffler and jet kit)
  • FMF Q4 Muffler
  • Dyno Jet Stage 1
  • 3x3 airbox mod
  • Skid Plate
  • Engine Side Cover Protection
  • Bark Busters

Bike appeared taken care of, was also a little dirty, new chain was loose and crusty (NOT rusty) with accumulated grime mixed with lube, missing fork boots. Bike was warm when I arrived as we met in a parking lot. Bike started right up. On the ride the bike ran well and again the exhaust was popping a bit on decel. There was a noticeable chatter felt through the bars when using the front brake, (steering stem bearings/adjustment, rotor deposits/pads).

2000 DRZ 16k miles asking $2200
Haven't seen it in person, listed on here with a TON of mods, appears to be well taken care of.
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