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Originally Posted by Ratchdaddy View Post
I have been noticing on the last few rides that my exhaust seems much hotter near my left heel. If I am riding with the balls of my feet on the pegs and my heels up by the heel protector it is actually too hot to keep my heels there for extended periods.

I know for a fact that it was not that hot before. I replaced the stocker heel protector with the touratech metal one but I have had it on there for quite awhile so that is not the issue.

The engine temp indicator has never gone above the normal reading even during extended slow speed off road. When it is in the 30-40 degree range outside it reads one bar below normal.

Anyone else have this issue? I am wondering if maybe my catalytic converter is shot or something. The bike has 33,000 miles and I have noticed a fuel mileage drop but I thought that was from winter fuel mix in California.
You might be on to something. If your CAT is plugged somewhat it will burn more gas, and get hotter down stream. Why would it be plugged..... I have no clue. But when you see more than one variable change, then it is good of you to observe. One cheap remedy you can try, is a boad load of Techron.... Just to make sure your injectors are functioning fine.

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