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I've been running the 13/47 combo for over a year after the 12/43 gearing (very close to 13/47, BTW) caused my chain to eat into my rubber swing arm guard. Since the change to larger front and rear sprockets I've had no issues with wear on the swingarm guard.

FWIW, I went with a Primary Drive brand (from Rocky Mountain MC) sprockets and their gold x-ring chain (110-link). The total cost with shipping, including a spare master link, was just under $101. After more than 12k miles it's still looks great.

Originally Posted by thumpididump View Post
IMO, you're wise to revert to a 13T on the front because of the reduced risk of the chain destroying your swingarm. A 47T will yield slightly shorter gearing and your chain length will only require 110 links.

Changing one tooth up front is roughly equivalent to 3 teeth in the rear.

The stock combo 13/43 has a ratio of 3.31

12/43 = 3.58

13/47 = 3.62

13/46 = 3.53

Good reference here:
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