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Originally Posted by backwoodsKLR View Post
I used the DMV office across from the prison on 468. I had to truck the KLR there since you can't ride it there without another rider and a permit. I almost dropped it unloading it from the truck... ON MY SECOND VISIT. First visit I failed because I missed a few questions on the test that were not in the MSF book. Namely this:

Q. What is the first thing impaired by drinking beer? (I don't drink beer)

a) eyesight
b) judgement
c) speech
d) motor skills

So I had to go a second time for not knowing that one... Passed test and rode with a permit for a few weeks and then went back for riding test. Looped the parking lot, used turn signals, parked, got off without falling and it was over in less than 5 minutes.

I took a coworker to GhetroCenter to do his cause it is closer to our office and the officer walked us outside and told him to start up his Vulcan 900 and "put it in reverse and back out of the space"... We both started laughing. He was serious. He is administering the motorcycle driving test and was under the impression that ALL motorcycles had reverse. he asked "Well how do you go backwards?"


My motorcycle test consisted of pretty much the same thing anti went through, which means that it hasn't changed here since '95. If you can ride it down the road and back, and not get killed, you get your bike license...
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