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Got them installed and went for a ride on Sunday. WOW! It's a new motorcycle.

I've not touched the settings, but it was like the bike was all new again. I can still drag stuff, but I gotta try REALLY hard and I suspect even in that case, if I bump up the preload in the rear it would make it harder still. I jumped a few curbs and it felt the same but better and not like I was going to bash stuff all the time.

Oh yeah, this was on a set of 4 year old worn out K60s too.

I also hit a bit when I was on a favorite road where apex was a dip in the road as you power out, but to keep that from happening would be too much of a compromise for all other aspects of riding.

I probably need to adjust the damping a bit here and there, but overall worth every penny and I'm mad I didn't do it sooner.

The bottom line is that it's now back to me being able to ride the bike to my skill level and it reacts how I want it to as opposed to having to compensate for a poorly set up machine.
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