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Originally Posted by Old White Truck View Post
Hi fedswith,

I don't have an XT250 but I find them intriguing.

I am curious; why are they annoying to work on? They look pretty simple.


I don't have my XT250 any more, but I suspect that fedswitch and I probably disliked working on the XT for the same reasons. The frame is so compact, it's very difficult to get my hands down into things easily. My CX500 was just as bad with the carb/airbox assemblies, but everything else was easier to get to. My KLR650 is easier to work on than the XT250 was... not by a ton, but definitely noticeable.

Regarding the weight/power/gearbox differences between the 225 and the 250, I think it's mostly trivial. There are a number of riders that moved from the 225 to the 250, and they generally say that the gearing differences make the 2 bikes close enough that the power/gear ranges are very close, and while the 250 is a little heavier, I think that they both carry the weight low enough that it's negligible for all but the smallest rider.

For some reason, many people seem to think that the XT225 was inches shorter than the 250; I never understood that, they are both 31.9" according to Yamaha.
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