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Where we riding to?
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Originally Posted by GB View Post
So would you say the original design is flawed?
I'd say so. This system used on bikes is cheap, easy and unfortunately prone to failure. Google just about any brand and you'll come up with stator failures. When's the last time you had an alternator fail on your car? Be interesting to see how the alternator fares on the new Triumph Tiger Explorer.

The majority of bikes run happily along without ever burning up their stator because they have OK cooling. Every once in awhile a manufacturer screws it up, the BMW F800s, my Honda CBF. Honda's fix on the gen 2 CBF was to add additional oil passages to the stator, only change they made to the motor. So far I haven't heard of any stator failures on the gen 2s and it's been almost 2 years.

Happy to be riding a Triumph now. I knew that the Street Triples had had some stator failures, but only a few and they upgraded a part for 2010, the year we bought my wife's bike. We just got a recall letter, they've redesigned the stator and to bring it in or warranty replacement, two years on. Honda Canada were no help with my CBF and just played dumb, even though it's a well documented issue.

Is that new BMW part a warranty item? Or do you have to upgrade it yourself?
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