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Originally Posted by markk900 View Post

BTW: are you really sure injection is going to be so much more reliable?
FI is supreme in my book. Almost every carbed bike I've owned has givin me hell and ended up being the demise of those bikes. I started out with a '94 Kawa Vulcan 750. It was incredibly fast for such an old heavy bike, but it would not start if the bike was cold. It would not start if the bike was hot, would not start on any sort of an incline/decline. Even the local stealership couldn't figure that one out. I ended up parting it out on ebay.

I had an '05 Honda Shadow 750 that was great, luckily the carb never gave me many problems on that one.

My '98 KTM 620 developed carb problems and ended up getting traded.

The '03 Yamaha TTR I just sold last week was traded to me since it had carb problems. I worked the gremlins out of it to where it was more reliable, but it still had some ghosts.

I have an '08 Kawa MeanStreak 1600 with FI and nearly 20k miles on it. Since the day I bought that bike I have thrashed it, modified it, and put it through hell. But it still goes like a champ and passes almost anything on the road, except for the gas station.

I cannot wait for my tax return so I can drive my happy ass with cash in hand over to Tuscon or Albuquerque (both are 4 hours away) and get a Terra 650.

Originally Posted by dav_dman View Post
its SUPPOSED to be. Unless the mold line has flash and it's blocking the vent, etc.

i actually had a plasic tee that was blocked from that once that caused my magna not to vent and leave me stranded a few blocks from home.

Just pull the cap with your ear down close and you'll hear it when you open it. Could also run it with the cap cocked slightly and you'll know pretty quickly...a bit dangerous but not if you're careful
I will give this a shot by taking the cap off and stuffing a rag in there to ride around.

Originally Posted by Greg Bender View Post

Don't give up! Hope this helps :>


Gregory Bender
I have the carb completely apart and sitting in a citric acid solution since yesterday. I will also poke through the passages with a torch tip cleaner (carefully) to make sure no grit or sand is lodged in there and reassemble to see if anything if it helps.

Originally Posted by dav_dman View Post
Agree. And sometimes it's good to take a break for a day or two and go riding or do something else then come back to it a little less aggravated with it.
ya, you're right. But its incredibly frustrating for me considering that I'm having to drive my truck or wife's car to work everyday when I should be riding this suzuki on my hour long commute to save some money.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy taking things apart to see how they work and fixing them when they go bad. But when something is down for months on end, and seems to stop working for no reason because the motorcycle gods have frowned upon my bike, it chaps my ass. I make too much money to have a junker that gets worked on more than it gets ridden, and its worth more to me to throw money at the problem and fix it than spend time working on it to no avail. I work a 50-60 hour week and have 2 hours drive time in my commute everyday. My spare time is worth gold to me.

If ammo wasn't so scarce right now this bike would be my new target stand out in the pasture.

Thanks for the encouragement guys, I will keep trying.
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