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I had some difficult questions too on my written. Like the ones that BW is talking about where there were multiple correct answers. I remember one that had a picture of a motorcycle traveling on a 2 way street with parked cars along the sides and another car coming in the opposite lane and a cross walk ahead. It asked what is the greatest danger?

1. Someone in the parked car opening a car door in front of you.
2. The car in the opposite lane coming to you.
3. A car behind you
4. Pedestrian crossing

1 and 2 are pretty much a wash. Can't remember the other ones but they were similar. I passed so that is all that matters.

As far as the riding test, I took mine too off 468 in Rankin and I had a friend ride my bike over. The officer told me to make a loop in the back lot, pull out of of one entrance onto 468 and back in the other entrance and park. He was standing by the officer and told me that he wasn't even looking at me until I pulled back in off 468. I think all he wanted was to see if I had my blinker on when I came in.
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