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I'm about 2 weeks and 2,000 miles in so time for a quick review:

I love the car, it has a great ride, enough power to get around, and the thing is amazingly stable and sure footed for a big ass mid sized sedan when pushed into a corner. It might be nearly the size of a Dodge Charger but it has less body roll than my old Civic coupe.

For long distance it's great, I did a 10 hour drive and it was no sweat. You just sit back and relax in this thing.

Stereo is good but I could see myself installing component speakers in the future. It uses 6 3/4's and has separate tweeters so if I do want to invest in that there's more than enough to work with.

Power is good but think of it like a Wee Strom.....if you hit the gas in a corner it'll have enough to give you a smile.....if you try to just launch from a stop you'll move but it's not a rush at all. If I do keep this car after the warranty expires it'll be getting an ECU tune which looks to give a 15hp 20 ft-lb boost in the mid range to the wheels and it might get an intake sooner since that wont void the warranty. They also have a intake manifold which brings it to roughly 200/200 at the wheels which would be nice for a daily driver ~3,100lb car.

The goal for any modifications is to keep the car as stock looking and sounding as possible and to just give it a little bump in a few areas.

As for trims the base S model is a nice car and has all the features I "need" and cost was a major factor for me. But if you can spend a little more the SE is priced 3,000 dollars higher but the heated seats would be nice, and you get a few more toys like the touch screen radio, alloys, more options with the multi function display in the gauge cluster, and I think it might have heater vents for the rear seats too.
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