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Originally Posted by randyo View Post
"the superslab without much to see"

that is such a mis statement and I hear it all the time

highway thru a urbanized area, sure not scenic, but beats the surface streets the the city & suburbia

out in the rural areas, highways are more open, better vistas, not like riding thru the treed forest where ya can't see past the trees, a twisty ride and enjoyable for that reason, but not for the scenery

no need for monkey butt powder if you wear the right underwear
What I mean is, he doesn't have much of a choice of routes to see anything for time sake... The interstate system is great to get though urban area, no doubt and much quicker than state highways or back roads. I think most of us would prefer to be on back roads than the superslab... there is more to see and check out. Plus those Mom and Pop greasy spoons aren't normally on the superslab where you will more likely have to settle for fast food or truck stops.

Crossing the Southwest and southern Midwest in the summer is hotter than hell. Regardless of what underwear you wear you will be more comfortable with powder and much less likely to get heat rash.
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