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man Im on a roll guys!!!!!!!

fixed the skidplate and took off the stripped bolt...

and added foam insulation on the front under the vent holes and under the case towards the back, that and I added more rubber strips on all the frame rails so now there is no metal to metal contact and it worked!

no creaking from the frame twisting on the skidplate! HELL YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!

next on the list fix my floppy shifter!

soooo per many a recomendation here and on tt I put y shifter in a homemade vice and whipped out the old saw...made a nice long cut, as it took a while on the gap cleaned up the splines a bit and put teflon on the spindle...

then pressed the gap nice and tight, put on spindle, loctite the threads and bingo, bolt screws in nice and tight aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand

no more floppy lever! bam! stoked

I was having issues going into first because if the floppiness...I also bent the shifter out just a smidge


Ill be riding in the afternoon...hopefully I can take some pics...

thanks for all the tips guys

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