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Originally Posted by GB View Post
So would you say the original design is flawed?
I dont think that question is that easy to answer correctly. I am careful with pointing fingers, and I think that the best way to answer this is: " It is not as good as it could be" But neither is the forks.....and so forth. On a 800 cc bike a 400 watt output stator is right on the mark, as many 400cc class have about 200 watt output. many are getting 50000 miles before it toasts itself, some less than that. I would like to direct the attention to the R/R. I do believe that that is a flaw, as we have seen strings of battery failures early on. I for one had mine fail after only 11 months. They all wrote that off to a collapsed battery, But I believe that heavy over sulfating due to under volt charging is a mega catalyst in this matter. That is a flaw. All they had to do ,would be to pyt a shendigan mosfet shunt style on it... Problem solved. Then in turn..... I personally think that the stators would fare far better. Perhaps stick my neck out and say.... They would not fail. I have no proof of that, and it is just my opinion. The problem is that BMW charges a premium for this bike, and to newcomers, it has a rep that it can go around the world. And as such, The system is not up to par. So in summery..... I don't think it is flawed, but like the forks..... " what on earth were they thinking" It will be interested on what fails first..... My stator ( with the mosfet R/R) of the copufire R/R....... Hopefully neither will fail.

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