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Originally Posted by neo1piv014 View Post
I don't necessarily need something super fancy, but considering how big the bike is, it would be nice for it to cruise stretches of highway a bit better. From what I've gathered, they already make a more powerful engine based on the DR650 that they put in the Freewind. Just adding five or ten HP to the DR and some kind of token wind protection would be a big boon to me. As we've seen from the big bore kits, revised cams, and Suzuki's own Freewind, you can add power to this engine without adding hardly any weight or complexity to the bike. As someone who rides his bike to work whenever he gets a chance, highway travel is not an area where this bike shines. The big bore kit might be pricey to do aftermarket, but I wonder what it would actually add to the cost of the bike if it came from the factory as a 725 or 750.

FWIW, my buddy rides an 800XC, and with under 2500 miles, he's dealing with his second or third "oil weeping out of the engine head" problem, one persistent "bike gets dusty and refuses to idle" problem that the dealer can't sort out, and one "chain slapping against the swingarm" problem that he had to come up with his own fix for. That engine is sweet, and the bike is comfortable, but I wouldn't buy one.
I have both, love them both. The issues your buddy had are well known with simple fixes. After lubing my stepper motor, I've had no more idling problems and don't expect any more. Mines been as reliable as my DR. The Tiger is NOT a dirt bike though. This ride turned from bad to worse, with steep rocky descents and ascents. I got through on the Tiger OK, but would have been happier on the DR. I bought the Tiger primarily as a road bike, but one capable of continuing on when the pavement ended, not a trail bike.

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