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Originally Posted by Undermoose View Post
I changed my bulbs when I first got my r1200gs for whiter light. Took about 5 minutes.

Several months later one blew so went to change it, couldn't figure out for the life of me why it was takin so long to get the clip back in place, 45 minutes later...

The next time I was at the dealer I asked them about it, they took one look and told me I cracked the housing near the screw and the part was $500 bucks. There are 3rd party fixes most people do to spare them the cost however.

I told my dealer to try to warranty it, they said they could try but what usually happens is BMW requires the part be shipped to them, denies the claim, then destroys the part so the customer ends up eating the $500 plus installation $$$.

I got lucky as the BMW rep who has authority to approve the warranty repair showed up at the dealer and OK'd mine, but the dealer said he had one three weeks prior that was denied.
That reflector plastic is brittle as hell. I broke both of my little retaining tits off ...ended up putting a big washer on that screw. IT IS very difficult to get a big hand in there without removing the headlight assemblt totally.
Those "brighter" bulbs are known to burn out (break the filament) quicker. I've gone thru 3 sylvania ultra's in 2 weeks on my VFR. My answer was to convert to HID!
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