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Originally Posted by DualSportDad View Post
The two main weak parts of a DRZ in my eyes are the valves and the oiling system. I don't take chances with either. I use the best oil possible and of a valve gets tight I rebuild the head. I'll only shim it once on the initial rebuild, check them at 3,000 miles and never look back. I also make sure to run very clean air filters at all times to help make sure I don't have to rebuild a head again. Its worked so far.
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What exactly do you mean by "rebuild the head"? New valves/springs/guides/seals, or actual machine work? Reason being, I've got about 9k miles on my '05 SM, and am shimming the valves for the first time. I'm going from 285s on the intake side to 280s, and from 308s on the exhaust side to 305 for the left and 300 for the right, based on my calculations. I thought about upgrading to stainless valves and new springs/retainers at this point, but not sure if I could get away with just lapping in the new valves, or if something more extensive might be needed, seat-wise. I've had no starting/idling/running issues with it so far, just trying to be a little pro-active. Thoughts?
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