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Originally Posted by spqr View Post
Summit was open as of a few days ago. There are gates but they are rarely closed (keep the noise down and the residents don't care). Buzzard lagoon is also a little fun, been meaning to get the bike down to the lagoon itself. There is also a pretty extensive network of dirt that leads down from summit to Uvas. Some of that area can get a little twitchy if you run into the wrong person. I usually throw the bags on and tell them I am 'In training' for another long overland trip. So far it works. Next Sunday I will take a run down that direction (or maybe Saturday).

If you are going to play on those road just remember to keep moving and keep the noise down. I have been stopped up there and told it was no problem but 'those damn kids on the dirt bikes' were not welcome. All part of the adventure.

If anyone wants to do a meet up during the week on the the SC side of the hill I can should be able to be talked down off my mountain.
Sounds great + thanks for the tips! I wanted to tap into the roads that lead to Uvas, lots of fun down there.
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