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Originally Posted by TinkerinWstuff View Post
I did have pinging at low RPM loads. Down where she used to tractor, she now pings.
If you can hear it, it's bad.
I had a half tank of regular gas and attempted to put some premium in it at the station. But the local pumps only have one handle for three grades so by the time you select and pay for 1.5gallons of premium, I bet I was lucky to get .5gallon of premium in the tank.
You could pull the timing back a bit.
I will probably fiddle-fart around with the carb jetting some more to see if I'm still in the sweet spot.
Certainly a lean mixture will contribute to the problem, but correcting that (if it's the case) won't likely solve the problem alone (since DR's have been reported to audibly ping/sustain detonation damage with a standard piston).


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