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Life is not without it's risks. We can sit alone in our bedroom and are unlikely to be hit by a moving vehicle. Other things might happen to our bodies if that is a life choice. ..

Riding a bike has risk. Building and running a Hot car might have risk? Things happen all the time, not to be graphic, but evey single activity we engage in comes with a certain unknown level of risk.

All we can do is accept that we are not in control and that we need to keep in our lives what brings us joy.

Riding is about living in the moment, somedays when I feel spooked I am extra careful but the extra care sometimes is a distraction so I focus on my riding technique. Riding well usually makes for a safer ride. Riding well is about paying attention to everything around you well in advance and riding that way makes it safer. Nobody can predict the future, things do happen, that unseen gravel on a corner kind of situation.

Maybe the OP had an angel on his shoulder or maybe it is lack of attention brought on by distraction? Nobody will ever know what will happen on today's ride. Be the best rider you can, know mistakes may happen, attempt to leave a margin for error and the rest is beyond our control.

Children certainly bring us joy . Spending that motorcycle time with your kids would be time well spent.

How we live our lives and what we value for ourselves and our children is a personal matter. Everything in life cannot be predicted, to not ski, not play football, not ride on the back of a horse because of fear something can happen is to stop living the best life we might have been given.

I don't know if you want conformation or are seeking reasons to continue riding? This is a question many of us have considered at sometime. There is no answer .

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