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Originally Posted by qman8 View Post
...Awesome! I suppose if i felt i needed a club to belong to or a place to hang out, I could get me a HOG and all the gear and feel like i belonged to something bigger than myself. The local dealer is always having social events. They should call this movement the LCF..."Lemming Conformance Front". It seems to be more of a social fad than anything else. And whats really funny is the women who think that Harley is on saturday night they put on their Prada/Gucci/Dolce Gabana...whatever, then on on Sunday afternoon they put on their HD gear!
qman, the conversations between H-D owners, cultist H-D riders is interesting. Many of them talk H-D technology as if they knew what was inside their engine (most don't have a clue) with Screamin' Eagle this and Stage 4 kit that...

I believe your right about the Lemming thing and being socially acceptable, macho, etc. But, the tattoos are painful, expensive and difficult to remove. I'll just stick to my BMW tattoos required!

Seen on a billboard on I-94 northbound entering Milwaukee in July 2003, "We would wish you happy birthday but you wouldn't hear us"
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