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Originally Posted by ebrabaek View Post
I am too eye'ing this. I have seen one picture of a shorai, i think, that exploded. But I will agree with you on that they are safe.... (at least enough for me to put it on my bike). A few years back at a NBAA we attended, there were quite the stir on these, but very few, if memory serves me correct was LiCo...... All was LiPo. I cannot either understand why the first went into the 787. Give it a few years, and I think unless the Chinese dumps a whole lot more crap on the market, a really great solution will present itself.
early Shorai batteries had an internal short problem which has be fixed long ago. battery melted, but didn't go into thermal runaway (explosion) it's hard even with wild abuse to cause a fire with LiFePO4.

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Misinformation and confusion re the difference in Lithium battery types will occur unfortunately and some will become concerned. Beyond the Shorai pic's out there of the early faulty one's which overheated and caused minor damage to a couple of machines it would be possible for the heat generated in a failure to cause other components such as fibreglass to start smouldering. I am aware of one such situation with a LifePO lithium and the damage was considerable. It is one reason the 650GS single battery location is not so good in getting to it in an emergency situation
this is another issue that comes up ... LiFePO4 batteries are substantially smaller than OEM. probably making factory anchoring system not useable.

dead short dangers are very real .. lithium batteries discharge at extremely high rates ... easily generating heat equal to Arc welding. we all have heard about welding setting off fires.

then factor in folks that relocate batteries to completely different locations. don't lose your bike to a fire caused by dead short ... which are NOT the battery mfg's fault.

batteries with cable leads have the highest risk of dead shorts. due to lack of hard mounts. black electrical tape is not enough. insulate positive connectors with a piece of rubber hose slit sideways, then tape that down good.

make absolutely sure, battery cannot dead short out!!
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