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Y'know people are interesting, a couple of people have called me crazy, and pointed out the flaws in my trip planning. I like going, I don't like sitting still for long, and I do not have the knees for long hikes.

This trip report has also inspired me to head back up there. I was thinking about heading to the North East, checkout far eastern Canada, but I am going to put that off for at least a year or two.

I also went a bit too scenic on my way North last time. Wanted to see Old Faithful and Glacier National Park. Bother where good, Old Faithful took a lot of time to get in and out of the park, probably wasted close to 1/2 a day.

This time I am going I am going to limit the sight seeing in the lower 48 to the 4 corners, HWY 95 in Utah, and Lewiston Idaho. Basically, a reasonably straight line from where I live to Hope, BC Basically I want to avoid any place that is going to have traffic slowdowns, and keep off the interstates.

Anyway, my trip is looking to be close to 11,000 miles in about 19 days. With a 1000 mile day at the beginning and end. Or about an average of 578 miles/day. Many call that insane. Oh well, it ain't their trip.

That is all to say, ride your ride. I think I've heard that a thousand times, and have said it hundreds of times. I know many riders who like to enjoy long meals, evening drinks, lounging at pools/lakes along the way, but that is not me.

Ride on.
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