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Originally Posted by das Motorradreiter View Post
I visited a local farm supply store and got a Monoject luer lock 60cc syringe for $1.99.
I found an old length of tube from Progressive Suspensions sitting around that just happen to have the threaded plastic gizmo which adapts to a luer lock. Bonus - The tubing fits a caliper bleed screw nicely.
I secured the tubing to the luer lock thingy a tad tighter with a small zip tie and tested the set-up with some old brake fluid - no leaks under pressure.
I now anxiously await the delivery of the Spiegler package.

When you fill the system, pull just a little less fluid than the capacity of the syringe. This is very important if you've got to push more than once, it gives you just a little space to pull the air pocket formed with the replacing of the hose back into the syringe. And, as per usual, cover the master with something because its easy to misjudge the velocity of the fluid when it enters the reservoir.
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