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Fuzeblock, etc...

Originally Posted by Cyclops Motorsports View Post
If a guy was to add an additional fuse block, and was looking at the two that are in the links. I think I would go with the eastern Beaver setup, I like the fact that it is completely encased and has an external relay.
I'm sure both would do a great job.
I'm asked quite often about how to wire in lights. Personally for my own use I like to have lights when the bike is not running or the key is not turned on. Why? I do a lot of bike camping, Its very nice to have good light while setting up camp on those late days, I don't want my Fuel pump and other equipment on the bike to be running during that time.
The drawback to doing that is that you have to remember to turn the lights off, something I have forgotten to do on occasion. Push starting a loaded 950 is not a lot of fun.
Cool! Thank you for your input and I will see about how I want to get those wired when the time comes... I am thinking to may have them come on with my brights, but then again, having them on a separate switch might be better altogether.
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