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Originally Posted by oldmonkeybut View Post
Got Gas?
Got Spark?
Got Compression?
Exhaust not plugged?
Timing Right?

Still won't run?.........Those things have a habit of breaking the Rotary Valve. I had a KE175 in my shop that drove me nuts. That was the problem.

If the Planets are all lined up. Moon in proper phase. Relative Humidity in check. Relative Humility in check. You may still be fucked if the Whizzenator fails to circumnavigate the Motengable within the predescribed Longitudinal Orbit with respect to Bergundian Pitch and Yaw of course. According to the Visagothian Rule of Engagement make positive that you have not disrupted the Contact Flange Grommet. You must also acertain that your Phaleolithic Carbon Extract has not become Tainted

Be Brave, Go Forth

Hmmm, posted 2 minutes apart... Do great minds really think alike, or izzit just genetic?

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