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Grizzly Adams, Les Stroud, Bear Grylls, and NoMoIke...


If you took all of those fellows, picked their heaviest and bluntest sponsored camping gear, and smashed them together, theyíd still be better campers than I am. They do, however, have the benefit of experience.

It was a glorious day for riding, the temperature was perfect in the sixties, the sun was not threatened by a single cloud, and my Zumo seemed to be picking the roads with the most curves and least amount of traffic. Iíve heard that some find Corbin seats to be a bit too firm, but I find mine perfect and I just didnít want to get out of it today. 198 miles just didnít seem to be enough!

Another 200 miles wouldnít have been out of the question, but seeing as I was in a really positive frame of mind I decided to break my camping cherry. After a quick run through of REIís Half Dome 2 Plus instructions and 15 minutes of orientation my home for the night was secure and standing on its own. Not quite Bob Vila building a twin to the Biltmore out of reclaimed barn wood and a sharpened spoon, but Iím pretty proud.

There were a few hiccups at that point. I didnít bring any water. The fire pit was enticing, but is going unused because I neglected to bring anything to cut up any wood or any form of kindling. If Tom Hanks could do it on a deserted island, Iím sure I could manage to get a fire going if my life depended on it, but my life doesnít depend on it and I wanted to finish my day relaxing. Iíll be sure to remedy these shortcomings before my next night in the sticks.

A proud family.

My Campground Greeter

Glad I bought these MSR bottles. I really need to pay more attention to my fuel gauge!

Most of the comforts...

The river near my single serving home

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Edutud fer speling and klarity.

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