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Originally Posted by ddlewis View Post
Yep, why chance it.. It's a great bike at a good price, somebody will come along with cash and happily take it away. The deposit plus delivery to NoVa for balance in cash would probably be ok though.

Not sure about the 90% of us not having bike buying on the brain.. This is the worst time for me. Can't ride much and just sit around looking at CL and flea market. Also I am crushing google maps and google earth daily.
I agree about the paypal stuff. The email didn't quite set off my bullshit detector but there's really no good reason to do it that way. Hey Higworld, are you in a hurry to sell? You could probably get more money for it if you wait a little bit until spring rather than trying to get rid of it in the coldest month of the year.

Finding anything interesting on the map lately DD? I'd really like to find some long meandering dirt paths or gravel roads for this Monday or Tuesday. I'm waiting on hitting the training ground until my case savers arrive in the mail but it might be early next week.

Is anyone else free meet up behind the Martin's on Monday or Tuesday? It'd be nice to go out there with someone who knows their way around a bit better if I could.
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