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FBI Report

For authorized eyes only.
Subject ABS 2 Replacement Relays

I did some initial legwork and found this relay to have a 6V coil and is rated at 80 amps.
The reason for the 6V coil is the relay must operate down to 2V (dropout) in worst case conditions.
Testing has confirmed this.
The relay is not a stocked part in NA and min qty for a production run is 500+ pieces.
I managed to purchase a few that were shelf dogs last year and have used for local repairs.
They require mechanical modification to be compatible with the BMW ABS system.
An associate of mine had taken it upon himself to possibly supply them if the demand was high enough.
So far there is very little demand if any.
So that is where it sits now.
If you need one the fastest way to get one is from BMW.
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