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During these 3 days i camped in the grass outside of Trophy Bob's Charters office. For $130-250 day for half or full day charters, it was the least they could do. I spent my free time during this first real 'break' on the trip to catch up at the library on facebook, my family and friends back home wanted to hear how i was doing. I rode around town a fair amount as well to explore. Homer must be about 5000 people. Mostly a fishing town. Many charters there offer salmon and halibut fishing.

The first day of halibut fishing we had calm waters. Fished in about 190 feet of water with 2lb weights. I could only keep two per day, but i kept fishing until it was time to leave. Probably caught 15 the first day. My arm was sore afterwards from all the reeling. I met a guy in his 50s from the lower 48. His wife was from Indonesia, where i spent 4 weeks a couple winters ago. I still remembered a few words of the language, which i tried to say in their accent much to her amusement. The skipper, John, had been doing this for many years. He lived in Hawaii in the winter and did this in the summer. There were two deckhands on board, James and Teeto. They were all real helpful, they did all the baiting and grabbed any fish i pulled up. During the trip back to the dock, they would gut each fish and throw the carcasses over the side. A flock of seagulls was never too far behind. They knew there would be food.

The second day was far more turbulent. Wind, rain, the tide going out, and 4 foot waves fought us the whole way. At least half the people threw up. Three children were on board today. I felt bad for them, some of them didnt even try to fish, they were so sick. The cabin was too small for everyone to sit down. It was a full day with 3 crew members and 17 fishing. I stood out on the deck most of the way out to our fishing spot. Another gentleman from Vancouver also stood out on deck with me in the rain and wind. He was originally from Germany, he still had a noticable accent. I think he hadnt done much fishing before, but was on vacation and decided to give it a go. Cracked me up, watching him just stand out in the rain with a big smile on his face. Too bad he got sick later on and missed most of the fishing action. I caught my limit today as well. Nothing too big, just 15 pounders.

Friday, the 20th, i went for a Seaside Adventure guided sea kayak tour. The guide, Rick Harness had been in the area 30 years or so, he even knew John, the skipper from Bob's Charters. I went with 4 other people from Homer on a water taxi across the bay to the south. We arrived at low tide outside the Harness' home. They had an eagle nest above their house in a tall spruce tree. One of the birds went on a shrieking spree. I've seen many eagles throughout the states, but this was the first time i had heard one shriek for sure. Considerably more high pitched than i expected.

Rick and his wife took a double kayak, as did the other two couples along. I got a single kayak. We went around the bay for about 8 hour that day and saw various eagles, sea otters, starfish, and other odd sea creatures. Going along the rocks and small islands during low tide revealed many types of starfish clinging to the sides as if hanging on for dear life. Our knowledgable guides gathered various types of seaweeds and herbs growing on the beaches and combined it with some salmon to make us soup for lunch. A little weird, but it tasted good. One of the coupes was from Anchorage, they were getting married in a few months. The guy has gone to UND in my home state, so we talked Fighting Souix for a bit. The other couple was from Las Vegas, the two women had know each other from somewhere.

I packed up and left Homer early evening after i ate supper. Didnt ride too long tonight. I camped at Deep Creek state park along the beach off the Sterling highway. The camp host had MT plates, but he lived in Florida. 10 days in Alaska and i have yet to meet another montanan. At this point i've seen 6 or 6 other Mt vehicles, but alas no fellow montanans. Good thing i have more roads to ride before leaving.

A camper bus parked on the spit in Homer. And yes, those are real shingles on it.

The bay to the east of Homer.

My Halibut.

The bay to the south of Homer where i went sea kayaking.

Big leaf!

sea creature.

Sea otter.

sea plants.

I found some kelp to play with.

The kayak guide had a real gold nugget necklace.

What i wish i could have gone to Alaska on....
Go riding today.
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