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Originally Posted by Twinz View Post
Since my first MSF class 25 years ago, I've always believed, understood, and experienced countersteering and swerving. I know I use it always...except when I'm moving very slowly. It seems at very slow speeds, steering the motorcycle seems to work rather than countersteering. Does everyone experience this?
This is not at all wrong, but it is not actually what it seems. It is turning the front wheel in the direction wanted to go when going under say 10 mph (might be lower than that) versus the turning in the opposite direction associated with higher speeds.

It all depends on speed. When trials riding at 3-5 mph it was definitely turning the front wheel in the direction of the intended turn. I want to turn right I turn right, left to go left. But there is a transition point. In addition, there is some counterweighting which is part of the countersteering since countersteering isn't just the front fork. If the rider turns the front wheel right, they have to lean in otherwise the bike would actually tip over to the left. The bike WILL tip to the opposite direction unless the rider counters the action - again this is all at extremely low speeds of trials riding and those really REALLY slow turns on other motorcycles.

That effect goes away around maybe 10-15 mph, then the whole left to go right/right to go left starts.

So technically you do TURN in the direction you want to go at extremely low speeds, but there still is some of the countersteering to avoid crashing. Lots and lots of physics involved in it all.
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