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Originally Posted by Mudcat View Post
Yes but itís hard to do on the road.
And Lucky you with the clutch. I on the other hand had to have 4 clutches replaced on my 1200 within 28,000 miles because of oil leaks. Vetter lost his clutch at 12 or 13 thousand miles.
The dry clutch is a bad design for an adventure bike and severely limits the bikes off road capabilities in my view
It's an excellent design (automotive), when properly done. BMW did this for many years with total success.

They f'ked up the 1200 series - plain and simple. It's a problem waiting to occur - and will happen.

They went from producing a very dependable bike, and one that's easy to maintain, to one that's now on the bottom of the list for rtw-type riding. And they allowed this to happen very quickly.

You can market up anything, but eventually you're living with the product produced.

Their legend and perceived value will die very soon unless the product is soon changed.

My opinion, of course...

And we have people buying these bikes who are relying on the scattered network of dealerships to support them during their riding - sound the marketing bells, please.

It's just plain wrong.
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