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Wow, look at all this interest! Thats ok, things will get more interesting here over the next couple days. The goal is to have the part completed this week barring any holdups.

So, I dropped by today to work on the splash some more. Unfortunately, 1 layer of fiberglass was not stiff enough, so I added another as well as to bracing strips that run horizontally. Not much in the way of pictures, when I am working with the fiberglass and resin, I don't want to touch my phone for fear of getting it all sticky and hairy.

So, here is the splash this morning, before I did any work. You can see the the windshield released in a couple places. This is good, means that I am probably going to get it back in tact, lol.

And after the second layer has been applied, along with the bracing strips. Pre-rolling though, so you can see lots of air trapped in between the layers. Its important to really soak the material with resin at this point, it needs to be completely saturated. Excess gets rolled out, but the layers need to really become one.
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