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Interesting info

I. Second World War Military Airplane Crashes
During the Second World War three planes crashed in the Rincon Mountain portion of Saguaro National Monument. The first, a B-24D heavy bomber, went down on July 30, 1943 about three-fourths mile east of Juniper Basin camp site while on a training mission. A commercial scrap firm salvaged nearly all of the remains of the aircraft between April and June 1960. The second crash occurred on November 28, 1944 when a UC-78C Cessna trainer impacted during a rainstorm one and a quarter miles northeast of Happy Valley Lookout. It was salvaged for parts in 1979 by the Pima County Air Museum. The third plane, a B-25D medium bomber, flew into the east side of Wrong Mountain on January 20, 1945 during a snowstorm. It exploded and burned, and was further destroyed by the United States Army Aircorps which used explosives on it. Since two of the planes have been salvaged and little remains of the third, none merit nomination to the National Register of Historic Places.

On January 20, 1945, a North American B-25D Mitchell struck Wrong Mountain at about
6,500 feet. The impact sparked a 510-acre fire, and the five crewmen on board perished. Most of
the scattered wreckage remains because of the remoteness of the location (SNP, n.d.; Farabe

I think this is the access for the Wrong Mountain hike, I did not know about the site.

In this shot you can see what I believe is Wrong Mountain, you can also see the true rock summit (Rincon Peak) to the left does not look as tall.

I have been thinking of an AZ. Ride Hike Ride thread. With the amount of trailheads that are very remote or a time consuming pain in the ass 4x4 approach.
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